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When borrowers understand each step of buying a home, your job gets a lot easier. Welcome to Framework, the web’s most comprehensive homebuyer course. Learn more about becoming a partner.

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Framework gives homebuyers the education they need to feel informed and confident—and to be successful homeowners.

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Buying a Home Is a Big Deal

With Framework, you’ll learn how to navigate all the steps of the homebuying process with confidence. And after you move in to your new home, we'll help you keep learning. Why not be as smart about owning your home as you are about buying it? Ready to get started?

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Broker vs. agent

What's in a name? Before you start shopping for an agent, let's get a handle on the different types.

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Room planning, the digital way

What’s the best way to set up your furniture? You can drag it around until it’s right, or do a dry run with free, fun online planning tools.

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Preparing to move: your sanity-saving checklist

A smooth, relatively hassle-free move is all about good planning. Here’s your eight-week checklist.

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